Our conception is to create small paradise on earth where every guest will find and realize himself, feel harmony with his soul, body, consciousness and Nature, recover his health.

Kerala is considered as Aurveda birthplace. Healthy climate, plenty of herbs and soppy rainy season are best for Aurveda.   There are rains from June (west monsoon) to the mid of November (east monsoon).  These rains are short and fresh as opposed to long-term torrential rains of central states.  Air in Kerala is pure and full of aromas, the temperature never rise above 35°C.

Mantra  specializes on panchakarma, treatment of difficult chronic diseases, weight reduction and rejuvenation.

We use yoga, meditation, Aurveda, different sacral (scholastic) and energy rehabilitation methods.

Due to steady and warm tropical climate Mantra is opened the whole year round:

You are welcomed for:

  • Panchakarma rejuvenating programs (21  – 28 days)

Different health programs  (10–14 days) according to visitor’s needs


Those, who have panchakarma course, are recommended to strictly observe vegetarian meals.  Suitable diet is developed for every patient.

But Aurveda is not only treatment. Ayrveda – this is philosophy, science and an art of healthy way of living.

Unique aurvedic procedures, everyday morning yoga and evening meditation, different energy rehabilitation methods – this will help you to find balance and feel unity with the world around you.

Individual program, necessary for you procedures and medicine is selected by aurvedic doctor (in case of any chronic disease it is recommended to advise with your doctor).


If you have a serious infection and neuropsychiatric abnormalities write to us in detail before your arrival .We need medical Report by mail. After consultation with our doctors, we’ll see what we can do for you. For the safety our a clients , such patients is not permitted without the consent administration. In case of such situations, all the necessary costs by the visitor.

Mantra’s administration has the right to test a visitor for main infections, cholesterin and common blood analysis for internal use.

You are welcomed to Mantra for spiritual progress. You will lay aside all troubles and problems.  You will feel yourself peaceful and joyful, your will be find peace of mind and tranquility.  Energy-pure atmosphere of Mantra   will help you to pass this way with the great comfort.

Here you also have the opportunity to learn the Kalarippayattu, that is one of the most ancient and developed martial arts on the Earth, as well as Indian dance.

We are waiting for you!

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