My Mantra

Our services include all main ayurvedic programs to take away stress, obesity, and make detoxification popularly known as Panchakarma. Along with that we also have classical light yoga sessions  daily in the morning  and meditations daily in the evening, which make the day here bright &  Rejuvenate both  physically  and mentally. We welcome you to experience our unique resort ”  The Mantra”.

We propose different packages to meet your personal needs health:

1.Yoga therapy 3-5 days
  • Double Room non A/C
3640 Rp./per person + tax
  • Single Room non A/C
4500 Rp./per person + tax
  • Well furnished rooms, Vegetarian food (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)
  • Morning yoga session.
2.Stress Management program 7-14 days,
Joint pain program 7-14 days,
Weight loss (fat free) 14-21 days,
Detoxification (panchakarma) ​​21-28 days
  • Double Room non A/C
6507 Rp./per person + tax
  • Single Room non A/C
7291 Rp./per person + tax
  • Double Room A/C
7200 Rp./per person + tax
  • Single Room A/C
8200 Rp./per person + tax
  • Accommodation , Vegetarian food (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner),
  • One Ayurvedic treatment as advised by the doctor,
  • Morning yoga session, evening meditation

Consultation with our doctors takes place on the first day right after your arrival. Thus, special program will be proposed to you according to your health condition and to your history of diseases. Enjoy your Healthy holidays in the silent beach and same times rejuvenate your health too…

Couples will receive a discount of 5%

In addition, blood tests charged extra varies from 580 to 1,200 rupees, depending on the needs of the patient, which is paid directly to the laboratory.

Our resort is Eco health resort, thus fish, meat, alcohol, smoking etc, are prohibited during the stay in our resort. We serve fresh and natural pure vegetarian food only (Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner ; any extra foods like fresh juices or dishes can be orders extra if needed).

Standard Room in “Mantra”

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