About Us

Mantra Beach resort is Natural cure and Ayurvedic Health Resorts in Nīleshwar, comes under destination of prestigious Bekal Tourism. Kerala – this is really Beauteful and grenery, that is why it is called as ‘God’s Own Country’ and Indian Venice. From one side Kerala is washed by the sea, from another side it is protected by mountains.

Situated between fantastically beautiful Kerala’s landscapes, Mantra is an ideal place for Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation. Due to steady and warm tropical climate our centre is capable to invite guests the whole year round.

The atmosphere there gives you unearthly feelings: soft shadow of coconut palm trees swinging on the Arabian seashore with is fascinating azure water; green area with heavenly gardens abounds in plenty of unusual and unseen flowers and plants. Plus divine tulsi aroma  – this tree is considered by Hinduism and Aurveda as sacred.


Straight adjacent to Mantra there is a beach edged with palm trees – quiet, calm and amazingly beautiful place. You can swim in caressing blue water or simply enjoy with roar of the grand ocean, look at dolphins, splashing at the distance of fifty meters from the shore or at red eagles hovering in the sky; jogging or walking along the sea.


All buildings of the centre are made in traditional style and from natural materials that allows you to feel Kerala’s mysterious energy.

There are spacious bathrooms in each room and big-sized beds in sleeping rooms.

Attention! In Mantra all alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.

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