Way to live, love and laugh in touch with nature.

Mantra is designed to create an energy field for all to gather together in the voyage of self-discovery.

Mantra aims to use our ideas to inspire thousands of individual who everyday do something to improve the world.

Our thoughts come from love and we use it to educate and help organise. Join the movement alongside The Mantra.

There’s lots you can do to be part of The Mantra and the movements we participate in with our ideas and our activism. Get in touch …

Mantra bordered by Arabian sea, it spreads over about 7 and a half acres which are being landscaped to harmonize with the natural features of the land – trees.

It is an invitation to experience your self a safe place within which the inner exploration can take place.

It gives you a pure land, an unworldly world, a paradise on earth, which offers ideal conditions for rapid spiritual growth.

It is a place for meditation where one is not distracted by the world, by the crowd.

It is a place where ordinary things, taboos, inhibitions are put aside, where only one thing is significant — how to become silent, peaceful, joyous.”